Dear Alex…

Dear Alex…

Dear Alex,

Today snuck up on me. Well, maybe not exactly. Lately all the passing days of the week are tied to tasks and deadlines. But yesterday I was scrolling through your daddy’s phone and saw a picture he took of me at a James Taylor concert, which took place a few years ago “Alex Day.” As soon as I laid eyes on it a tear rolled down my check because I knew today was Alex Day again.

outside hanging 007How could five years have passed since you ran off to the rainbow bridge? It seems like it was yesterday and forever ago. So much has changed but even more remains the same.

alex 017

Your dad and I talk about you ALL THE TIME. You may no longer be here with us, physically, but we feel your spirit and presence all the time. So does your sister, Lucy. She is so much like you. She has so many of the same quirks you did. It’s pretty amazing… We love her so much, just as our love for you continues to grow.

Seriously mom?  do you think I am not keeping an eye on you and dad... I see everything and well....
Seriously mom? do you think I am not keeping an eye on you and dad… I see everything and well….

This time last year, we moved into the new house. It was still a construction zone, and far from a home. But that all changed! Lucy loves it here. She has a blast watching all the animals (squirrels, raccoons, chipmunks, rabbits, and foxes) from the windows. I’m sorry you never got to enjoy the views, but often times as she is watching the creatures she gets a very serious look on her face, and I know she is talking to you…


Daddy and I go back to your old house all the time. We became really great friends with the people who now live there. And while they did some work there, and changed the paint colors, the house is pretty much the same. They refer to the rooms by the colors they were. They often speak of the “green room.” And whenever your dad and I go there, we always make sure to visit the “green room” to have a chat too.

IMAG0106 for post

The new owners think of the green room as just a bedroom, but your dad and I know the truth. It is a special and magical place, one that holds an extraordinary place in our hearts. We nursed you back to health there after you had to have your tail amputated. When the end was near, when you were in pain, your suffering ended there too.


Our pain and suffering continued. Saying goodbye to you was so hard. It still is. You were and always will be such a huge part of our life. Eventually your dad and I were able to open our hearts to another creature, and Lucy spent her first few nights in your special room too.


We are not the only ones who miss you like crazy. Your wife, Gracie, does too. Every year she writes you a special note, just like I do. And just like me, she talks to and about you all the time. You were such an amazing man! You had such a huge personality and you touched so many people’s lives, especially mine.

I love you Alex. I love you so much, and I miss you so much too.


26 thoughts on “Dear Alex…

  1. We all miss that dear Alex but nobody misses him more that Sister Gracie, she sends you all special hugs and lots of love. Your special tribute made all our whiskers weepy wet.

    1. Brian – I am sorry your whiskers all got weepy wet. Please give Gracie a hug from me. We love you all…

    1. Mickey – thanks. It amazes me who I didn’t like cats until I met him, and look at me now!

  2. ohhhh I am crying!!!!! Oh how Cody and I miss this boy! This was just beautiful, just beautiful! Some of those photos I don’t recall seeing…….(((hugs))) to you

    1. Caren – sorry about the tears… I was crying while I wrote it too… Alex was a special boy… I believe I shared the pictures before but I know I have so many I never posted. One day I should do that…

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