Coming around again…

Coming around again…

Are you like me? When you think of Connecting the Dots does happy childhood memories fill your mind?

Personally, I picture myself back at my childhood home, in our den to be specific, laying on my stomach, with my feet in the air, in front of the television with a green colored pen. I spent may happy hours connecting the dots, always curious as to what picture would be revealed.

I haven’t thought of this activity in years… and then I was contacted by Penguin Publishing to see if I would be interested in receiving and giving away a complementary adult version of connect the dots… Well, I am sure you can guess my reaction! I couldn’t wait!

Kama Sutra Connect-the-Dots is a new and amusing take on everyone’s favorite make-out manual! The secrets of this wickedly witty and totally humorous book will only be revealed by deft wrist-work. Whether readers are on their own or working with a partner, Kama Sutra Connect the Dots is the most fun you can have with your clothes on!

This book is sure to give you hours of pleasure… Hey, I couldn’t resist!

And you can win a copy too!

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26 thoughts on “Coming around again…

  1. Sounds like fun! I already follow you on Twitter and Facebook (left Goodreads a long time ago), but I confess, I’m at a loss here. I have no idea how to use the Rafflecopter links….

    1. Norma – It sure is a new twist! I emailed you about the rafflecopter. Let me kwow if you need any help…

  2. oh! my favourite childhood activity was probably just being outside. whether horse back riding, walking through the woods on the farm, camping, fishing, whatever : but it was the great outdoors.

  3. Well I have done my share of connect the dots and this is one set of graphics I never imagined would be included in that exercise.
    My favorite childhood activity was playing outside – and if I could get a gang of friends together to play softball, well all the better.
    Love Noodles

    1. Noodles – I know… I never expected this type of connect the dots either. I am always amazed at what people think of!

  4. Since I am a spayed, almost 9-month-old kitten, I don’t know anything about the Kama Sutra, but my human seems weirdly enthusiastic about this, so I am entering for her.

  5. Ha! I’ve never heard of anything like this – the adult version. Lordy, some innuendoes that could be inserted here…but I will be behave lol 🙂 What a great giveaway and thank you, Hilary! Have an awesome day! 🙂

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