Oh Come Fly Away With Me.……6WS

Oh Come Fly Away With Me.……6WS

I asked for reader’s questions to use as writing prompts, since I was going to be spending a lot of time on planes, and Marg from Marg’s animals asked “Where are you going and why?”


Nothing is better than combining some work with some play, and that is exactly what my husband, Marc, and I did… well, that is exactly what Marc did – as I mostly played…


We started our trip heading to Salt Lake City, Utah where Marc had a conference to attend.  I joined him at the conference the first day as well as at the cocktail party and reception that was held in a museum (The Leonardo).  The museum was closed with the exception of our party.  It was amazing to be able to wander around an empty museum, glass of wine in hand, checking out all the exhibits.


The second day, Marc and I left our friend’s house and headed back to the conference.  My plan was to spend the day there catching up on some work, but my plans fortunately changed.  Marc and I have a lot of close friends in UT, and I was able to visit them all!  I had coffee with one, lunch with another, and spent the afternoon with a third.


The following day, Marc and I headed to Napa, CA.  Our friend’s that we were staying with joined us one day later.


It was Marc’s first trip to Napa and my second.  However, the first time I was in the valley it was for work and all I got to see were boardrooms and warehouses.  This time I got to appreciate the town (and of course the wine)!


We stayed in a very quant bed and breakfast, which was in walking distance to lots of interesting stores, delicious restaurants, and wonderful wine tasting rooms.  We spend two days wandering around downtown Napa.  Then on the third day our foursome took a winery tour.  We visited four wineries and had an amazing day…  We drank so much wine during the day we had to have martinis with dinner!


On our last day, we wandered around Yountville, also doing a little wine tasting, and then headed to San Francisco.   My friend and I hit the stores while the boys took a short walk and a long nap.  The shopping trip was successful for both of us.


When it was time for dinner, our friends surprised us with reservations which they made over a month ago.  They took us to this phenomenal restaurant, Gary Danko, which features a tasting menu.  You choose how many courses you want (anywhere between three and five) and you can sample the corresponding number of items on the menu (regardless of traditional courses).  All four of us selected different items, so let’s just say there was a lot of sampling (and laughter) going on. Hopefully the skirt I bought earlier in the day will still fit me!


Early the next morning Marc and I flew home to New York. We had an amazing time, in two amazing locations with great friends.  We had an amazing time and were really both able to relax…. which was exactly what we both needed…


So now it is my turn to ask, where was the last place you visited?

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44 thoughts on “Oh Come Fly Away With Me.……6WS

  1. Great post!! I felt like I was there with you (but sure didn’t feel any of the effects of the wine!) and the B & B looks adorable!! Glad you guys had such a great time—and to answer your question—-we are at Carolina Beach !!! Going back to Raleigh today and I go home on Monday, Chris to China. Life is back to normal! Happy Saturday!

    1. Beth Ann – then you missed out on the best part! The B&B was adorable and the people who worked there were great. We had a great time, and I hope you have one too… Have a great trip home….

  2. Wow, I am so glad I asked that question. That was so much fun to hear about that trip. I especially liked the part about all the wine. I bet that was fun to taste all that. Love the part about just having to have martinis at dinner. That was a great post. Thanks. I don’t get to go anywhere since I have so darn many animals and it is really hard to find someone to take care of them. I went back to Charleston, S.C. about 10 years ago. But I don’t mind. I love all my animals.

    1. Marg – I am glad you asked the question too! The wine was great – so much fun to just taste different stuff. And since we went to small vineyards, we never would have tasted these wines if we didn’t go… we all cracked up when we had martinis with dinner – especially since marc and I hardly opt for liquor… I hear you about having so many animals making travel difficult – but i am sure staying home with them is worth it…

    1. Caren – thanks! And I didn’t really like that picture of me 🙂 my hair was a wreck the whole time… We had a great trip… It has been a year since your FL trip? Wow, time flies – I remember chatting about it on the phone with you….

  3. That looks amazing! I am so glad you got to take an actual vacation and didn’t work the entire time! I know how much you needed a break. With that being said, I haven’t really been anywhere leisurely in 2 years. Yes, 2 years. I went to Texas a year ago for a work conference and did have some down time and even an enjoyable time during the work parts, but that can’t really count as a relaxing trip. Next week I go to St. Louis for the same conference. Hopefully it will be as much fun as Texas, but still not a vacation. Ugh. I need a vacation before I lose it. 🙂

    1. Jennifer – I hope you get a “real” vacation… I understand being on the verge of losing it…I think I might have actually crossed that line before we went away and actually lost it… I really needed a break, and while I did work a little, I didn’t work that much – which is unusual for me – but I really needed to clear my head, and it made a huge difference….

      I hope your conference goes great and you manage to have some fun….

  4. That’s my kind of 6WS! How artistic that food looks- just like an exotic butterfly.
    I was in Poland with my Polish Dad in August, and hip! hip! hoorah! I’m off to Portugal next week. (we seem to like P’s)

    1. Johanna – the food was so artistic – we actually took pictures of all our courses.. It was amazing… You do like the P places… Have a great trip!

  5. Stopping in from ICLW! Wow – looks like you had an awesome time and saw some beautiful sights! My husband and I are thinking about a trip to Napa next spring and this post makes it look even more appealing!

    The last place we visited was San Diego for a wedding in August, but I’m super pumped to be going to Mexico in one week with some girlfriends!!!

    1. jen – have a blast in Mexico – I loved it there! I hope you get to go to Napa – It is a great place to visit! Happy ICLW!

    1. Maggie Mae & Max – I hear you guys… Alex had the same complaint – but he didn’t mind too much when we went away for a short time – sort of like a vacation for him – no ‘rents to drive him bonkers…

    1. Inner Chick – you always make me smile… The food was like eating ART.. It was amazing. When we first got to the restaurant I thought all the people there were crazy – taking pictures of their plates – and then our food came and we did the same thing!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful trip! The last place I visited I think was Arizona, back in January. Very nice, but I’m ready for a vacation somewhere! Thankfully, BFF and I have a short getaway planned next weekend. 😉

  7. So glad you guys had a great trip. Napa and San Francisco are definitely on my bucket list. That last dish looks amazing. I love just ordering appetizers at restaurants and sample different things. I guess, that’s why I love going to tapas places so much right now.

    1. FL Furkids – it was a great time… I can’t stop thinking about Tamir – I know how hard it is and how much you miss him – I am feeling the same thing…

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