Going to Carolina in my Mind

Going to Carolina in my Mind

Do you believe in coincidences? Do you believe in signs? I believe in the second, but not the first. I really don’t think anything happens by accident. I think life is a series of actions and reactions, most of which we may not understand or realize until much later. And as for signs, I feel them all the time, everywhere I go.

Today, July 16th, marks the 7th anniversary of our sweet boy, Alex’s passing. as I hope you remember, he was one tough cat. He faced his medical issues head on, and came to embrace the slogan, #TailsAreOverrated.

Alex hated car rides. The only thing that soothed him in the slightest was listening to James Taylor. We turn up the CD of his “travel music” and hit the road. It probably shouldn’t come as a shock, “Carolina in my mind” was our guys favorite song. Sure, like all of JT’s tunes, it is awesome, but for our little buddy, it held a special meaning. He was in love with a Carolina Girl, beautiful Gracie from Brian’s Home Blog.

Alex and Gracie had an internet romance like no other I knew at the time. Thankfully, a month before Alex had to dash off to the bridge, he received Gracie’s older brother Brian’s blessing and the love birds tied the knot.

Life came in the way, and they weren’t able to live happily ever after. Gracie was a widow so quickly after she became a bride. But there was no doubt in my, or Gracie’s dad’s mind, that the two lovers were still connected. When Gracie felt ill, we knew Alex had helping paw by her side.

But then the unexpected happened. Gracie was called to the Rainbow Bridge, last year, on July 16 the very same day of Alex’s passing. When I learned about this, I was shocked and sad. However, as time passed, I realized how unique and amazing this “coincidence” was. Gracie’s parents and siblings mourned Alex’s death with practically the same intensity we did and Gracie’s dad was such a comfort to me at the time. And now, both of our families share a sad but special bond as we both remember the lovers and the loves of our lives Alex and Grace… Forever

10 thoughts on “Going to Carolina in my Mind

    1. Lola – Thank you so much…. I wish you had the chance to have met him too… he was remarkable. Poor Lucy – she didn’t have the same chance for blog fame… I have been such a failure.

  1. Thanks for such a wonderful post about the two special lovebirds. We didn’t do a memorial post because our hearts we’re up to it. We still miss sweet Gracie lots and we know that the two of them were just meant to be together. Hugs and you remember dear Alex today, it’s really hard to believe it has been seven years.

    1. Meowmeowmans – Thank you so much. They were so sweet together. I still can’t believe they passed on the same day

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