32 thoughts on “Call Me Maybe?

    1. Flynn – actually I share with my parents but they don’t like the phone as much as I do, so usually it is all mine!

  1. How sweet! Cute kitty making phone calls or perhaps waiting on a call? Too cute.
    Just wanted to let you know the linky says it is closed. Will be back later to try to link up.

  2. Lucy, text me…no really. We’ll chat about our parents. Lordy, do I have some stories for you. You are rocking that picture and I feel ya. No opposable thumbs sucks! Always, Phoenix 🙂

    1. Phoenix – Oh my Cat! I can just imagine your stories… I am gonna text you today! Ya feel me? YEAH! I am blushing… especially since you are a pooch! XOXO Lucy

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