44 thoughts on “Caffeinated cat

  1. Alex, did you drink that whole cup of coffee?? You must really like that stuff or did mom help you?? We don’t drink coffee here. Have yourselves a really fine day.

    1. Sugar moon – Thanks! I would love for him to be wired during the day so he could sleep during the night. He thinks 3:30 AM is the perfect breakfast time!

    1. Inner Chick – He sure does have a way with the ladies that boy of mine 🙂 I am in love too…and to think, before I met my husband (and Alex) I hated cats!

    1. madness, Trouble, Squish & Milkbone – Don’t get carried away…. While my mom does give me a bit of java, she really isn’t that much fun either… But, I would love to hang with you guys. Can’t you sneak over whne she is on her computer? XOXO Alex

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