34 thoughts on “But none of these fit me… So unfair!

    1. Patty – thanks so much! She loves shoes and she loves the bags they come in. She found the perfect house for herself 🙂

    1. William – oh boy! You should have seen what my mom wore to work yesterday! They had mirrors on the platform heel and she was like five thousand feet tall! XOXO Lucy

    1. Meowmeowmans – I don’t think my mom will have an issue with that as long as she can buy herself a few pairs too while she is at it… XOXO Lucy

    1. Sometimes – thanks! And I know you are right… But I think heels will make me super pretty! XOXO Lucy

    1. Inner Chick – Thanks! I think she is adorable too! I love those shoes too – to bad I bought them in the wrong size and barely wear them…

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