28 thoughts on “Black and White – Times Two…..Wordless Wednesday

    1. Brian, HEY! I am so glad my sweet, beautiful girl has you around to keep her calm… I get myself all worked up when I see pictures of her too.. Like yesterday… bestill my heart! XOXO Alex

    1. McGuffy Ann – Grizelda sounds like how alex was with the water cooler. He taught himself how to get fresh water… but, didn’t know how to turn it off… I actually put up the video a while back http://feelingbeachie.com/2010/12/oh-boy-2.html/

    1. Inner Chick – Thanks, me too!!! I just found the black & white feature on my phone… and I think the black & white feature makes my black & white boy look super cute…

    1. Caren – thanks… My mom told me the same thing, but I believe you more 🙂 I am doing sooooo well – who needs a tail? not ME! XOXO Alex

  1. Aww, what a wonderful picture!

    P.S. Don’t forget to stop by our blog THIS week and enter the “name game” contest I’m hosting (for my newest guide dog puppy) – it only takes a few seconds to do… and you may end up being the winner!

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