Big City Small World

Big City Small World

In a city where over eight million people are walking around at any moment, this happened….

“I’m going to make your day,” my mom said to me on the phone, earlier this week.

“Okay,” I replied curiously.

“I was on the phone with Barbara last night. And she told me the most amazing story.”

Barbara, a resident of Manhattan, is my mom’s oldest friend and my favorite. I have known her my entire life.

“So, Barbara was walking in the city, and some lady stopped her and complimented her sunglasses. The woman asked her where she bought them because she wanted a pair. The store was close by, so Barbara offered to show her where the store was. They walked and talked.”

“That’s nice,” I replied wondering how my day would be made from this tale.

“When they reached the store, the lady shifted the bag she was holding on her shoulder, and Barbara got a peak as to what was inside.”

I raised an eyebrow; wondering what was going to happen next.

“Barbara asked her if she was reading Go On, Girl Barbara asked because she recognized the cover.”

A smile spread across my face. “She had the book with her?”

“Yes! But that isn’t the good part of the story,” my mom explained as her voice bubbled with excitement. “Barbara told her that she knew the author. The woman then took the book out of her bag and with a big smile on her face said that she is part of a book club and they just finished reading Go On, Girl. She said they pass around copies of the books. They’ve read all your books, and she said you are one of her favorite authors.”

17 thoughts on “Big City Small World

  1. Leave it to me or my friends to make your day, month or year. You deserve all the compliments you receive. You are one very talented young woman & I am so proud of everything you have accomplished.

    1. Loretta – I love you mom! Thank you so much. I couldn’t have done any of it without having a great role model!

    1. Ellen – Thanks! Lucy is doing great. And I am going to try to get back into blogging. The last few years have been quite rough… But I am ready!

  2. That’s pretty special that your Mom ran into someone who had your book, but I can’t say we’re surprised, you are a terrific writer!

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