Ask me a question, I’ll tell you no lies….

Ask me a question, I’ll tell you no lies….

One of my favorite bloggy buddies, Darcie, from Belle of the Carnival, came up with a great idea… Using reader’s questions as writing prompts….  Clever, huh?


Since I will be traveling soon, and my favorite thing to do on an airplane is to write, I asked Darcie if I could copy her idea.  And being the sweetheart she is, of course she said yes…


So, please leave me a question in the comments section.  It can be anything that pops off the top of your mind!  I will use each of those questions as writing prompt, and when I post I will link your question back to your blog and thank you….

So, what do you want to know?  Double the fun…. Ask Darcie a question too!

30 thoughts on “Ask me a question, I’ll tell you no lies….

  1. How many shoes do you have in your closet/bedroom/house? And if allowed a second question—–why do you love shoes so much? I know you can do an entire post if not more about that one!!!! 🙂

    1. Brian – Oh, I have a good story… but it happened on a different beach (well, technically the same beach one town over). Can I cheat and use that one?

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