And time can do so much – not

And time can do so much – not

Time… It passes so quickly, doesn’t it?  How often do you wonder where the minutes, hours, or the days have gone? I know I do.  Often.


But other instances time seems to stand still. It gets frozen in a place where you may not want to be.  Possibly even a place you don’t want to remember.  You just can’t escape.  Life doesn’t let you.

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This was the boardwalk on the block that Marc grew up on – he spent his childhood here….

It feels like yesterday. The television, uncharacteristically, was on all day long warning about a pending storm.  A hurricane. We didn’t pay attention. It wasn’t going to affect us – just as previous storms didn’t.  But eventually we did listen.  A little.  We heeded the warnings and prepared the house.


But we just went through the motions.  We didn’t take the warnings seriously.   We, like many of our neighbors, were going to stay at the beach and ride out the storm.  After all, how bad could it be?


Fortunately our power was shut off at 7:30 AM –  six months ago, today.  Along with our friends and neighbors, we fled the beach.  And thank goodness we did – we all know what happened next – Hurricane Sandy.


But now, six months have passed…Time has continued to fly for so many people, but not those affected most by the storm.  Their lives are frozen.  The calendar may say April but emotionally they are still in October.


In many ways, they are forgotten, as they try to rebuild their lives and their homes.  The landscape of their communities are gone, forever.  Homes are leveled – replaced by trailers.  The damaged and destroyed boardwalks have been removed.  Stores and restaurants have disappeared. Many people are still displaced, financially unable to rebuild their homes.


I pass a home all the time that used red duct tape on their windows to express their plea “FEMA help us.”


It is heartbreaking…


Where does time go?  Sometimes, no where at all….


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28 thoughts on “And time can do so much – not

  1. That is so very sad. 🙁 I wonder if it would be possible to take up a collection for those people? Doesn’t home owner’s insurance covers such damages? Everyone should have that.

    1. Debbie – It is very sad. As for the collections, there are so many people in need and I wouldn’t even know where to find the ones that are in need the most because many don’t even have homes to return to. You would think that insurance would protect you, but sadly homeowners insurance doesn’t cover floods and many people don’t have flood insurance. Also, flood insurance doesn’t cover contents in any room of the house that is below ground level. It is a vicious cycle….

    1. Brian – I am not surprised.. I work on the opposite end of Long Island and no one there understands how bad the situation is in other areas so I can’t imagine how people in other parts of the country would…

  2. Oh gosh – it’s a devastating loss. I hope those affected do get help eventually. I hope they are able to rebuilt soon. Take care

    1. Old Kitty – it sure is. there are so many stories out there and so many people affected. It is truly heartbreaking.

  3. How often do I wonder about the fleeting time…….all the time! When something tragic happens time has a way of staying in that place, often forever depending on the loss. It is heartbreaking. ((HUGS))

    1. Debby – you are so right. I feel like I have been in such a haze. I feel like I lost all track of time and space, but if you asked me what month it is, I would feel like i should say November. Because that is where I feel like we should be…

  4. In 2004 both Frances and Jeanne hit our area. There were blue tarps on house for a couple of years after that. ’04 was a bad year and people couldn’t get supplies. We hope that never happens again.

    Thanks for coming to Ellie and Allie’s birthday bash! We hope you had a good time!

    The Florida Furkids

    1. FL Furkids – Had a blast at the birthday bash… I can’t imagine how hard it was for you all to be hit with two such bad storms… I too hope that never happens again.

  5. I have been thinking about you guys today. It is so often true that once the storm has passed, literally and figuratively, the attention to the needs that are still present are soon forgotten. Unfortunately the press and news media move on to the next crisis or news maker. You have constant reminders all around you and it is difficult to move on when others can’t. Still praying for resolution for all those affected by Sandy and left in the wake.

    1. Beth Ann – you are so right… I understand that the media has to focus on the “new news” but it is so sad to feel like so many people are forgotten. and it is so sad to watch life return to normal for so many and know that others have such a long road ahead. On Sunday we went to dinner in the town Marc grew up in. Between the stores and homes that were washed away or burned down it looks like streets from a war zone…so sad

  6. The cynic in me says BUT the politicians all promised!
    Yeah and once it’s off the front page the rest of the world forgets.
    Since we live in prime hurricane striking distance we know the dangers.Like the FL Furkids in 2004 we were affected by Frances and Jeanne and 3 other storms that year struck FL. We also realize that each of us is on our own when these things strike us. The politics are only for the photo ops and then they move on. It’ll be the same with Boston. All the rhetoric and very little of the hard work. Just think of the area in Alabama that was hard hit with an F5 tornado that destroyed half the town, do you hear about that anymore in the media? It;s sad. Thank goodness the Red Cross is still helping. We do hope that everyone who was affected will be able to get their lives back on track but it does take a long long time.

    1. Abby – the cynic in me so wholeheartedly agrees with the cynic in you. From day one, I felt like the politicians were only interested in photo ops – especially when the may of NY was busy getting generators to power media tents for the NY Marathon when so many people were living in the cold and the dark trying to clean up… We really are on our own when these things happen, but hopefully, like me, you have great friends (real and bloggy) to help you through

  7. Oh how we were purring and praying for everyone in the path of Sandy…and still do for those who are still affected. Our mom is a tornado survivor, and she knows what it’s like to lose a house.

    1. Laila and Minchie – I didn’t know your mom survived a tornado… You are right, she understands all too well…

  8. this just tore my heart apart. My heart just breaks for those that are unable to rebuild. I wish I would win the lottery so I could help!
    It is so hard to believe it has been six months.
    ((((hugs)))) to you!

    1. Caren – I know… I can’t believe it has been six months already and also can’t believe it has only been six months. It really is a whole new world.

  9. Time sure does fly by so fast – yet go in slow motion when lives have been upended by an event like Hurricane Sandy. So sad so many people are unable to rebuild and that so many things and places are just….gone.

  10. This kind of damage, unfortunately, takes years to repair… and unless you’ve been through it, in some way you won’t understand. People don’t realize how bad the Rockaways (for example) still are… It is sad!

    1. Susi – Thanks to Sandy, I learned that is true about anything… Until you live through something and experience it for yourself, while you think you understand, you really don’t. We were in Rockaway over the weekend and it looks like a war zone in so many places… it is beyond sad.

  11. Six months have passed and it must still seem like yesterday for you. I find it heart-breaking that there can be so much media covering the devastation but they never follow-up on the story of people rebuilding the communities. I believe that is a travesty when so many people still need help to move forward in their lives.

    1. Darcie – I so agree with you, but I guess it is natural. everyone focuses on the tragic event but soon forget. Similar to when someone passes away – everyone responds and supports the survivors but all too often afterwards the survivors are forgotten even though it is then the need the help the most.

  12. Media tends to be to wrapped up in the next crisis/scandal/accident to care enough to do follow up. The insurance trap is a bloody shame.

    1. William – i know.. and I can’t blame them, but the people affected do feel forgotten…It is sad… and the insurance situation is a disgrace…

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