And pause….

And pause….

I don’t know about you, but lately I feel like am going at 1000 miles per hour ALL THE TIME. There is never enough time in the day to do what you need to yet alone what you want to. My multi-tasking has taken on an all time new level… Which in a way is good. Or is it?

I am more than addicted to my phone. It seems like I can’t be alone for a minute without checking emails, social media sites, Amazon’s Dangled Carat page…   It is starting to take a toll. My head feels like it can explode.  There is just too much information – constantly!

Last weekend I decided to break the cycle (or try to at least to). I drove with my husband to get his hair cut.  Rather than wait for him I walked to the nearby supermarket to pick up a few things.  I promised myself that during my walk I wouldn’t glance at my phone… And I didn’t.  I was really present for a change…

And then I passed this…

photo 2

I have passed this mosaic many times.  But never looked at it. Never knew what it was… But that day I stopped and read the accompanying sign….

photo 1


Sometimes you just got to put your phone down.  Sometimes you just got to appreciate your surroundings, they may change, just as the landscape and lives of so many people changed almost two years ago.  Sometimes you just got to enjoy today.. After all, who knows what tomorrow will bring…


22 thoughts on “And pause….

  1. What a cool piece of art. And you’re right… it’s easy to be swept up in the technology that connects us to the wider world all the time. Looking up at the world around us and enjoying it is important, too.

    1. Sometimes – I am really struggling with finding balance… there is just so much to do all the time that it is so easy to miss out on the now.

  2. VERY wise words!! Especially in our world today.
    Has it really been 2 years already?? *floored* Time is passing WAY too quickly. I think I need to take your advice and pause myself. Glad you took a break, a look around, a full breath….

  3. Aside from just keeping generally informed via my gadgets — I mean one does have to know what is going on in the world at large — I’ve started to ease up too. I already have a lot of brain noise by nature — so social media just adds to it. I’ve all but abandoned Twitter. My feed is just… Whoa. But I do use it to promote my stuff and others. But trying to follow a conversation, or multiple conversations on a regular basis? nah.
    My photography is helping me notice all the beauty around me and look at things different. New.

    1. Rorybore – I think that is part of my problem. I recently fell in love with twitter and have the conversations going… it isn’t helping. I need to internet detox!

  4. You discovered a very essential thing: In order to enjoy you need to slow down. I am a serious multitasker like you are Hilary, but I, too, have come to realize that you need to take a break to be able to maintain a ‘high’ level of commitment to basically anything. And the things you discover when you stop and pause… that piece of art formed of trash is just amazing. I love it when I come across pieces like these. It is the little things you discover and learn to appreciate even more.
    I hope you will have many more of these moments of pause and discovery!

    1. Claudia – I hope I can learn from you and follow your lead because I totally need to slow down. I feel like I am constantly flying and while I am doing so much I am missing out on so much too. Finding balance is so hard…

    1. Andrea – I can only imagine… I often times pull mine out if I am with someone who is playing on theirs… The old saying two wrongs don’t make a right so rings true….

    1. Vanessa – Oh I got that one too – but usually you have to track them on the phone 🙂

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