All you need is love…

All you need is love…

Two years ago today, in a kill shelter in Brooklyn, a beautiful orange cat gave birth to five gorgeous babies – two boys and three girls.  This little family of six was doomed.  They were destined to die…


I cry when I think about it.  How heartbreaking that these beautiful, tiny kittens didn’t have a chance for survival?  They didn’t have an opportunity to give or receive love.  Their only crime was being born…



But fortunately for them, they escaped their fate.  The family were rescued by Long Beach Humane Society….  The babies were able to experience both the love of their momma cat as well as the love of foster mother, Jane.

They all found homes.  Including, in my opinion, the prettiest one of them all… The girl who was called Mia.


Her name is now Lucy and she is two years old today. Fortunately she has no idea of what her fate could have been. She only knows her reality.  She is spoiled rotten and only knows of love, kindness, and fun.   She has no fear.  She has both her daddy and I wrapped around her little paw.  She is an incredible friend and a pure source of joy for us and everyone who spends time with her. She is so friendly and loves everyone she comes in contact with.


Adopting Lucy wasn’t an decision for us to make.  Our hearts were still broken, our beloved Alex was only gone six months. We weren’t sure if we were strong enough to welcome and love another creature.  Nor did we know if we were ready to see another cat roam the house, sit in the spots that used to be Alex’s.


But after only a few minutes with this beautiful girl and her family we knew that we had to put our sadness behind us and love another.  It was the right thing for us to do. It was what she needed and what Alex would have wanted.


Happy 2nd Birthday Lucy! I love you more than words can say…

48 thoughts on “All you need is love…

    1. Fuzzy Tales – thank you! I hope so too… But I don’t think anyone could get as lucky as me. I complain about the parents but they really are the best! XOXO The Lucy

    1. Brian – thank you so much! I know I will always be loved just as I will always love mommy, daddy and you guys! XOXO The Lucy

    1. Susi – you are so right. We all are lucky! mommy remembers showing you my pictures before I came home… XOXO The Lucy

  1. Happy 2nd purrday Lucy!
    When I read through your posting I could not help but think how very similar it was to the one that happened to me Abby & Annabelle. Annabelle was owner surrender as a one year old Mamma cat with her kitten. The county shelter was a kill shelter and their policy was to put down any adults that were owner surrendered. It was just by coincident (or was it?) that a local Rescue was there to save some kittens. The Shelter bluntly told the Rescue if you don’t take these two they will be killed. You can imagine what that did to person who was there just to pick up kittens. She took Momma and kitten. Thank goodness. I so wish I had been able to adopt Annabelle’s kitten with her. I think that would have meant a lot to her, but her kitten got adopted a few days before I ever knew her story. I too hesitated adopting Annabelle because it had only been 4 months prior that I had lost Abby. My belief is that both Alex and Abby led us to Lucy and Annabelle. It was meant to be. They knew we needed to go forward and love again. I am so happy for you, and for Lucy. It’s a beautiful gift to you from Alex.

    1. Annabelle – I don’t think I knew this story… It gives me chills when I read it. To think what could have been. I completely agree Alex saved Lucy and her family and Abby saved you and your baby. I can’t imagine how an owner could surrender a cat and her kitten to a kill shelter. You were placed in such a terrible situation, but in your case it worked out for the best. You came from a home (for lack of a better word) where you weren’t properly cared for or loved to a forever home where you are now cherished…. You and Lucy helped mend our broken hearts. We will always love and miss your siblings but seeing your faces fills us with love and joys..

  2. A VERY Happy Birthday to the cutest kitty on the planet!! Have an awesome day Lucy and make sure your mommy and daddy spoil you with treats!! 🙂

  3. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRECIOUS GIRL!!!! We can’t believe you are TWO!!!!! Cody wants to know if you are old enough to date yet 😉
    You are right, Alex for sure would have wanted you to give the same love you gave to him to this beautiful girl! He is smiling and purring from above!

    1. Caren – I can’t believe I am two either? Daddy says I will never be old to date. Mommy says daddy is a stick in the mud. I say hellllloooo cody! You know where to find me!~

  4. I love my Lucy. She is the cutest, smartest, adorable kitten ever. I miss her so much & look forward to when I see her again. Happy Birthday, Lucy, from Grandma.

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCY! May your day be filled with love & cuddles and treats & nip. Lots & lots & LOTS of the nip, for sure.


    PS. You are so beautiful, little one. I’m very, VERY happy that you and your family were rescues, two years ago. purrs

    1. Nerissa – thank you so much! I am so glad we were saved too.. I just hope my brothers and sisters and momma are as happy as me! XOXO The Lucy

    1. Laila & Minchie – your mom is a slacker too! I thought it was just my mom… Thanks so much guys! XOXO Lucy

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