34 thoughts on “All boxed up….

    1. Janine – yeah, she is confused now… I’m worried how she will be when we actually move…

    1. Norma – I am not so sure about that.. I don’t know how keen she is about leaving home…

  1. LOL!
    Lucy is so good at catting. If I put a box on the floor, Cashew just walks away from it like “why are you putting things in my way? Now I have to walk alllll the way around it!” ha.

    1. Brian – I am worried about how she will do. She never had a scary day in her life…

    1. Ellen – Now I am lucky. I am not so sure about the future… I hear rumors of a new home.. XOXO The Lucy

    1. Meowmeowmans – I made the parents promise they will always have boxes for me at the new house… XOXO The Lucy

    1. Caren – the funny thing is I think she may enjoy the trip to the new house more if we put her in a box 🙂

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