Alex’s Big Question

Alex’s Big Question

Hey, it is me, Alex…


I know I already shared on Saturday that I am having a stressful time of it, you know with Google Friend Connect no longer supporting non-blogger blogs effective March 1st, but that is only the half of it. I have something else weighing on my mind.  I have a major decision that I am wrestling with….  If you think it is easy being a man cat, well you have another guess coming my friend!


I am no spring chicken, you know.  In fact, at seventeen, I am in my twilight years. But, I am not complaining. I have had a good life.  Ok, sure, my first year or so was hard; I wasn’t loved or cared for. In fact, I lived through certain things that I don’t want to discuss. Ever…   No one knows about that time of my life, not even my parents, and they never will.


But, around my first birthday, my luck changed.  I found myself a wonderful father.  While my dad wasn’t sure at first he was ready for me, I sized him up rather quickly and decided he would fit my needs, so I turned on my charm, and needless to say, the rest is history.


I loved living with my dad.  But, something was missing.  I couldn’t put my finger on it at first, but when Hilary first came over our house, instantly I knew what I was missing.  A mommy!  Just like with my dad, I knew that she was just what this man cat needed.


But unfortunately, it took my dad YEARS to come to his senses, and make it happen… you know how those commitment phobic men can be?  Honestly, if not for my constant pestering, I wonder if he ever would have made his move…. But that is a story for another day (which my mom plans on sharing with you in a BIG way.)


But, I digressed.  My dad did come to his senses, and he did get me a mommy, and I was thrilled.  But something STILL was missing.  I couldn’t put my paw on what it was, but then, about a year ago, it became crystal clear. I needed that special someone in my life… and as luck would have it, thanks to the internet, I found her… My sweet and beautiful Gracie….


Look what she sent me!


Gracie is the most amazing female feline in the whole wide world.  As they say, she sure is the cat’s meow.  She rocked my world, in ways I didn’t think possible.  Not only do I have the most amazing time with her, she also has a heart of gold.  When I was sick this summer with Cancer, and had to have my tail amputated, her love and support got me through. I couldn’t have done it without her.  She is the best.


I love Gracie more than purrs can say…So, here is my dilemma…  What to do about it? 


You know what they say, if a man cat isn’t married by the time he is ten, chances are he will never get married.  And a commitment phobic man cat can’t change his spots.    But then I look at my dad, and saw he broke the stereotypes so maybe there is hope for me.


So, I have been wrestling with this quandary all week. I have discussed it with my mom, my dad, and my grandma…  All of them have different thoughts and opinions, and rather than listening to any of them, I am just going to follow my heart….


OK, here goes…..

Gracie, today is Valentine’s Day.  A day of romance and a day of love, and I love you sweet girl.  Having you in my life, this past year has been beyond amazing.  I am so thankful for you.  I never want to lose you, so, Gracie, will you marry me????




Brian / Terry, I am sorry I didn’t ask your permission first.  I hope you don’t mind… But don’t worry, I plan on having a long engagement…….

76 thoughts on “Alex’s Big Question

    1. Andrea – I haven’t slept in days.. I have been so nervous, but Gracie just made me the happiest man cat in the world!

  1. Oh Alex!! Oh wow!!! Me and Charlie are on tenter and pawhooks waiting for sweet Gracie’s answer! Oh how adorable and so romantic!!!
    We have our wedding hats to the ready! Yay!!

    GOOD LUCK handsome and wonderful Alex!!! We have everything crossed for you!!!

    Take care

    1. Old Kitty – If you would have told me a year ago I would have been a romantic man cat I would never have believed you… thank you and Charlie for all your support!

    1. Brian – I am so relieved.. I don’t know why I was so nervous… I hope you and your dad don’t mind I didn’t ask you first….xoxo Alex

    1. Florida Furkids – I know that a proposal on Valentine’s day is so cliche but I wanted to celebrate the day in a big way… your crossed paws worked! She said YES!!!!! XOXO Alex

  2. Oh Alex, this just makes this Valentines day just the very best. We have to confess, we just read Gracie’s answer. So we rushed over here to hear the question first. This is so exciting. So now we need a big date for the wedding. We are very happy for both of you. Happy Valentines day to you too.

    1. Marg – thanks so much… you can say it again… this was the best valentine’s day ever!!! Ok, the one where my dad asked my mom to move in was good too, but this one is better! Hope you had a great Valentine’s day! XOXO Alex

    1. Tipper & Misty – Isn’t the ring to die for? I didn’t want to spare any expense when I went shopping… Good thing I know where my dad keeps his amex! XOXO Alex

    1. RoryBore – Don’t you love a good sappy story… There is chick flicks and chick lit, what do we call it when the love story revolves around cats?

    1. Jan’s Funny Farm – You can say that again… He really had issues that guy.. But, I am responsible for him changing his ways.. I wanted a mommy and I wasn’t going to let up until I wore him down and made sure he popped the question to my mom! My nagging worked! XOXO Alex

    1. Penelope – thanks… I wanted to celebrate Valentine’s day in a big way… I saw how happy my mom was a million years ago when my dad asked her to move in with him on valentine’s day XOXO Alex

    1. Susi – thanks so much… For a man cat, I have a very romantic side…. tell your furkids to get their dancing shoes ready… Gracie said yes! XOXO Alex

    1. Brenda – thanks! It is a huge step for me… I can’t believe i made it… I would have thought it would have taken me years (like my dad) to take the plunge, but nope… I guess that means I am smarter than him, right? XOXO Alex

    1. McGuffy Ann – oh no.. I didn’t… Why do I listen to my mom… I should have called you for advice.. .but she still said yes, so I am a happy man cat! XOXO Alex

    1. Self Sagacity – I hear you… Alex’s engagement aside, I personally feel Valentine’s day is over-rated… I also feel that it is a day that most people feel bad about themselves… It is sad… Love should be celebrated all year, not on a day when the card companies tell us too….

  3. Wow, this is just terrific, Alex! We just came from Brian and his sisters’ blog, and saw that Gracie said YES! 🙂

    We are SO happy for you guys! Congratulations, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. Meowmeowmans – it was one happy valentine’s day for me & my girl… hope you all had a great day too! XOXO Alex

    1. Island cats – thanks.. I know.. I keep pinching myself to make sure that I am not dreaming and that Gracie is the real deal.. and she is… I am doing the happy kitty dance! XOXO Alex

    1. Abby – my mom & I hope you all had a great valentine’s day… THank you so much for your friendship & support… I am engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXO Alex

    1. Shawn – it was a shocker, right? I didn’t know if I should wait longer to pop the question… but, I figured, at 17 I am not getting any younger…. I didn’t even think of the wedding. I will have to get my assistant working on it! XOXO Alex

    1. Gloogirly & Katie – I didn’t go down on bended knee when I popped the question… I have to be honest… While I would like to say I had a romantic spread set up, truth be told, I just blurted it out..I was very nervous after all… XOXO Alex

  4. We hope she says yes, Alex! You are a sweet romantic mancat and deserve to be happy. Happy Valentine’s to you both, and your humans, too!

    1. Laura & Taffy – thank you so much… My mom & I hope you all had a very happy valentine’s day… mine was the best, because she said YES!!! XOXO Alex

    1. Pip – how can I ever forget you??? You need to be one of my groomsmen for sure! After all, you are one of my oldest (not age) and bestest friends! XOXO Alex

  5. Such a cute picture of you and the hub! And “couldn’t put my paw on it” made me laugh out loud hahaha, that Alex the cat is a funny one!

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  8. Hi Alex!
    First, please forgive me for taking 6 months to visit you again but I promise I didn’t forget you. I’ve been going through a lot of changes (one of them is that I don’t tutor the little 1st grade boy you were fond anymore b/c I moved an hr away from him) which I will explain in months to come.
    I didn’t know you had cancer b/c you were diagnosed when I was moving,etc, and I am sorry you lost your tail from it. It seems like heart didn’t take a beating from the cancer b/c you stayed in love with Gracie the whole time and now you just might be a husband soon! I hope she meowed, “yes”! Please keep us posted!

    1. April – my mommy and I are VERY glad to see you are back. We missed you. I think of Lenox a lot, but hope he still has his bumper sticker… He is a special little boy.. Losing my tail was no biggie. As I say, tails are overrated. And besides, i got a lot of TLC from my mom, dad, and my now fiance Gracie. am I a lucky mancat or what??? XOXO Alex

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