Alex Update

Alex Update

Hey it’s me Alex again…


Thank you so much for your continued purrs and prayers for me… I really appreciate it…..


My parents have been doing their best to keep me comfortable.  They have definitely been using their thinking caps (thanks so much to you guys for all your great suggestions….


They have made it easier for me to get fresh water.


They have alternated keeping me restrained in my recovery room (where I am very comfy) or letting me roam free around the house.  I am not so good at the roaming part anymore – I am very wobbly and I get tuckered out very easily.  I have to take frequent breaks if I am on the move.


Eating hasn’t been easy for me…. I really haven’t eaten much, although I did manage some baby food… My mom has to put the food pretty much under my nose so I eat – I don’t really want to walk far for the food….


I have lost a lot of weight – but don’t worry Gracie – I am still as handsome as ever (at least that is what my mom says).


My Uncle Ira, the best vet in the world, spoke to my dad yesterday and told him to have my local vet try a few shots on me – so this afternoon I hit the road…. Wish me luck and keep the purrs coming…


PS… My assistant feels very bad that she can’t reply timely to every comment or visit everyone back. I told her not to worry about it – but, you know my mom….

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    1. Fl Furkids – Thanks… I may have lost my mojo, my appetite and a lot of weight but at least I didn’t loose my looks… I guess I take after my mom and believe it is better to look good than to feel good… XOXO Alex

    1. Brian – tell gracie to rest.. I know that she loves me and I love that she is purring so hard, but I don’t want her to overdo it…. She means too much to me… I love her so much as I do all of you.. XOXO Alex

    1. hannah & lucy – I am one lucky mancat – not only do I have the best fiance in the world, I have the best friends in the world… You guys are making me feel so loved and better XOXO Alex

  1. Good luck, Alex, with the v-e-t, we hope the shots help. What are they? B12? That might help a bit. Do you need fluids? We’ll hope for an update later or perhaps tomorrow!

    Continued purrs and purrayers.

  2. Oh I love that you are drinking from the sink again! That is a good sign, I think! I’m glad your uncle suggested having some shots (although I’m sure you aren’t too thrilled about that) and I hope they work wonders. What kind of shots did they suggest? Please fill us in if you can b/c we old cats might need this advice one day. Sending purrrrrrrs.

  3. Your parents obviously love your soooooo much, Alex, they will do anything to make life better for you. Actually, I should have thought of the baby food because that’s what I fed one of my elderly kitties. It’s much easier to digest.

    I really hope the vet will be able to do something for Alex. There is real hope because the same thing was happening to Ginger Jasper (who lives in England). His parents didn’t think he was going to make it because he wasn’t eating, losing weight and was generally lethargic. The vet gave him something to stimulate his appetite, and he’s feeling a lot better.

    If you think about it, not eating will make anyone very weak and wobbly after awhile.

    We’re purring and purring for some good news from the vet.

  4. Ales, we will keep the purrs coming.
    It is good that your home is now very Alex friendly 🙂
    You do look as handsome as ever too !!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  5. To help get some nourishment into Alex, with the babyfood, have you tried using a syringe? I know it isn’t easy or pleasant, but it is effective. I have done it with several elderly ones, to jumpstart appetites again. Just as with weaning, syringes can help later in life when eating is difficult. It works. All the best. Glad to hear he went for some treatments at the vet, too. Fluids & vitamins shots often help.

  6. Sweet darling Alex! You hang on in there now! Me and Charlie are cranking up our purrs and hugs for you!! We hope that these shots from the vets will help! Please please get better!! Take care

  7. We hope the shots make you feel better Alex. We can see you are still a very handsome mancat. No wonder Gracie loves you so much. We are sending lots more purrs for you to feel better.

  8. I disappear a couple of weeks only to discover that you are not feeling like your young self. I wish you and your family the best 🙂 I’m sending strong purrs and puryers your way.

  9. Hi Alex, thanks for stopping by and celebrating our Gotcha Day with us. We know you aren’t feeling good so we appreciate the effort. We are still purring for you, friend!

  10. Oh Alex, I am so sorry you are not feeling well. I am glad you have eaten a little baby food, try to eat a little more, OK? We are all rooting for you, my friend. Hang in there and sending lots of love and support to your parents.

    xoxo, Pip & Kristin

  11. We are purring, Alex, that the fluids and B12 shots help you feel better. The ‘rents may have to assist feed you to help your appetite come back. My woman does that for us (with an oral syringe), ’cause we don’t eat enough. Maybe they will get some A/D from the vet that most kitties like very much. You must eat enough for your weight every day, sweet one, or you might get a ‘nother kind of sick (hepatic lipidosis), which is very bad. We love you, Alex! Purrs.

  12. We are all purring up a storm for you, Alex. And we sure hope those jabs will help you feel comfortable. We know your Gracie must be worried sick so we’re sending lots of comforting purrs to her.

  13. Hope the shots help you! Make sure your mom rubs you extra gently afterwards!
    and BTW… tell your mom that taking care of kids ALWAYS comes before responses

  14. Alex you most certainly are still looking as handsome as ever!! Pretty cool water supply you’ve got there now…your parents sure do love you oodles. Purrs and wags here for you, and big hopes those shots work miracles for you!

  15. Dehydration is a problem when you don’t have an appetite and getting fluids can help a lot.
    Keeping our paws crossed that the vet will make you feel much better!

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