Alex the cat vs. Irene the Hurricane

Alex the cat vs. Irene the Hurricane

When my husband, Marc, and I learned that we had to evacuate our house last week, due to hurricane Irene, our biggest fear was not the storm, or the possible destruction to our home. Instead, we were worried about Alex, our elderly cat. We didn’t know what to expect, as this was his first overnight trip. How was he going to react to being in a strange environment? How was he going to handle being in a house with two dogs? Was he going to start marking his territory? Was he going to freak out?


Marc and I tossed and turned the entire night before we had to leave, both of us envisioning the worst. We hoped against hope that the weather report would change and we wouldn’t have to leave. But, of course that didn’t happen.


So, in the morning, Marc and I scurried about preparing Alex’s bag. We packed his food (although we left the prescription formulas behind as a treat), his litter box, litter locker, toys, his favorite blanket and a Tempur-pedic pillow, and of course a can of carpet cleaner just in case. Poor Alex had no idea what was in store for him.


When the time came to leave the house, I readied the car, including putting on Alex’s travel music, as Marc grabbed Alex. Alex, as usual was afraid as Marc placed him in my arms and began to pull out of the driveway. But, then the unexpected happened….


I don’t know if it was because Alex was lying on his blanket instead of his travel towels, or if it was the fact that my mom, who was visiting from out of town, was in the car with us chatting away, but Alex’s fear quickly subsided and he started to purr. He was so happy that he purred the entire half hour we were in the car! That has never happened before.


When we reached my cousin’s house, Marc stayed in the car with Alex at first, as my mom and I went into the house to ready the room for Alex. My cousin arranged for us to stay in the empty room that her two dogs, a Yorkie and a Maltese normally play in. As soon as we set up all of Alex’s stuff, Marc carried him into the house. Initially, I stayed in the room with him to make sure he was OK, as Marc brought in the rest of the stuff we had with us. Within minutes, Alex made himself at home.


I was shocked! At that moment, I knew that all of Marc and my fears were for nothing. Alex was going to be fine. And he was. He was the model house guest. He didn’t make a mess or utter a peep. Even when his canine cousin came into the room for an unexpected visit, Alex didn’t even react. The best part, he enjoyed his stay so much, he keeps asking when we are going on another vacation!


Alex the cat – 1

Irene the hurricane – 0


Speaking of winners… I used a randomizer to pick the winners and here they are:

The coffee pot = McGuffy Ann

The Trimmer = Irene

The curling Iron = Holly


On behalf of my friend, I want to thank everyone who entered and liked Raindew on Facebook!

47 thoughts on “Alex the cat vs. Irene the Hurricane

  1. What a star Alex is – so good in the car and with staying in different surroundings. After all he has been through this year it is amazing he didn’t have a tantrum – we would have!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

    1. Hannah & Lucy – you guys are right, Alex is a star! I was shocked he didn’t throw a tantrum too.. I was worried that my one can of carpet cleaner wouldn’t be enough… Lord knows, if I was a cat, like you, I would have thrown one if I was him….

    1. Cuz – Do I have to take them with me? I could use a break from my parents…. I am sure you can understand how annoying they can be…UGH! XOXO Your new favorite cousin, Alex (I beat my mom out, right? I am your new favorite cousin now, right???)

    1. William – thanks… He is doing so great. All his hair has grown back, and he is as cute as ever! I actually think he is cutier without a tail!

  2. Aww, what a good boy!! They will surprise ya! I’m SO glad it worked out. Bad enough you’re stressed about the hurricane, evacuating, damage etc…but when an animal is involved it just makes it worse! I bet your cousin was happy to have a cat around for a change. What an adventure!

    Mine was under the bed the whole time. Now HE would have been a basket case in the car!

    1. Irene – you are right.. animals so shock you… You think one thing, and they do the other… It was so funny, we were so stressed about the hurricane at first, but then when we learned we had to leave, and travel with Alex, our thoughts 100% shifted to him. We were so worried how he would handle the new surroundings, and being in a house with dogs… I am glad to know all our worrying was for nothing….In fact, when we left my cousin’s I think Alex was a little sad to leave his vacation!

  3. Good Job Alex and congratulations to all the winners! Did you house have any damage? We didn’t..thank goodness.
    Have a great weekend. I have been working out of the house for the past 3 weeks, that is why I haven’t been visiting lately or doing the blog hop!

    1. Deborah – we didn’t really have either. We got very lucky. Thanks to an alarm that called our cells when the sump pumps stop, and a security guard who stayed behind, we were able to turn the pumps back on right after we lost power. If not for that, I would have had an indoor ocean view! No worries… That is what I hate about blogging the most. when real life gets crazy, we feel like we need to explain, etc…. I feel the same way

  4. We are all so proud of that phandsome Alex!!! Gracie made me print off his handsome picture and put it on the refrigerator so she can see him all the time!

    1. Madness, Trouble & Squish – don’t get jealous…. I wan’t always this good… I have caused my fair share of trouble too… I am just taking a little pity on my parents and giving them a break… But, don’t fret, breaktime will soon be over for them… after all, a cat needs his fun! XOXO Alex

  5. Alex had all of him’s familiar fings with him, an him’s people too. He probly sensed your relief when you finally left the house. That said, Alex ROCKS. What a cool character. Specially with the dogs ::shudder::. Dogs ascare me. Go, Alex!!!

    1. Victor – I am sure you are right… Alex had to feel safe with us, and all his stuff… But still, he did shock me. I really do believe that animals pick up the moods and feelings of their people. I am sure he knew we weren’t going to the vet, but there was so much tension in that car as we drove…but he probably picked up that the tension didn’t involve something being wrong with him (as it is when we take him to the vet). He is a cool dude! I would have thought dogs would have scared him too, but I think he likes them! Too bad there isn’t going to be a canine brother or sister in his future….

    1. Abby – you are my inspiration! You are right, us cats are intuitive and know everything… Too bad our parents don’t take after us! XOXO Alex

  6. So glad everything worked out for all of you. I am pretty sure my feline siblings would not have behaved as well as Alex!

    Your pal, Pip

    1. McGuffy Ann – enjoy the coffee maker! Alex is an amazing little man… He is constantly shocking me in a good way lately…. Check out my reply on the about page from when you first asked. There are typo’s because I was traveling and using a tablet. If you want any more info, email me….

    1. Loretta – Alex misses his grandma too….

      Um, Grandma… I am good and cute ALL the time. Right? I was just EXTRA cute during the storm… I had to turn on the charm…. I took pity on my mom & dad.. They were stress dogs! Love, your favorite grandson, Alex!

  7. Isn’t that so typical! A Cat reacting just the opposite of what you would have bet on. Kudos to Alex and his sterling guest manners! We see it’s all due to the love of his Grandma, hee hee!

    1. Katnip Lounge – I know… You worry, worry, worry about how a cat will react, and they do the opposite! UGH! He really was an ideal house guest…. I wish some of the people over the years who have stayed over could take a lesson or two from him 🙂 but, you are right…he was an amazing boy because his Grandma was with him (lord knows she loves to spoil him!)

    1. Caren – you sure did…. He is a trouper that boy… but, I didn’t think he would be so good… remember, he does have a temper, but honestly, I think he may have lost that with his tail!

    1. meowmeowmans – Thanks! I took pity on my parents. I kinda felt a little bit bad for them…. But, after a vacation, I know why people enjoy them so much. I need to get out again. Maybe this time, I can leave the parents home! XOXO Alex

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