Alex, take it away….

Alex, take it away….

“Alex, are you ready?” I asked the cat.


“Um, look at me mom!  Don’t I look ready?”


“Good point.  Then let’s go.  It is time to announce the winner of the My Memories Suite software giveaway.”


“Alex, take it away.  A Drum Roll please….”




Thanks, Alex….  I used a random number generator to pick the winner based upon the number entries and the winner is….. #19

                Mr. Pip!

Either Liz, from my memories suite, or I will be emailing you the code!  Congrats!

14 thoughts on “Alex, take it away….

  1. We won!! I am doing my yorkie happy dance. Thanks! This will force my hopelessly disorganized parents to get organized! Plus, I think my little sissy will also have fun creating scrapbooks.

    Thanks! Happy Sunday!

    Your pal, Pip

    1. Mr. Pip – Yeah! I want to see your yorkie happy dance… you must look so cute! I hope your little sissy enjoys the prize.. Maybe she can whip your parents into organized shape!

    1. Willliam – this is hysterical. I when I first read this, I thought your coment was on the napping post at first, and that the big thing was Marc!!!!! But, thinking of the drums, I can see him thinking that too! 🙂 and also, i can see him getting angry at me for waking him up to take this “photo shoot”

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