Age is just a number….

Age is just a number….

It all started in September.
blondI wasn’t able to put my finger on what was happening at first.  All I knew was that something simply wasn’t right.  I was unhappy.  I was scared.  I was frustrated.  And slowly but surely a feeling of dread began to wash over me.  With every very passing day the feeling got stronger, encompassing every aspect of my life.
In early November I left work early. I  wasn’t feeling well. I had chest pains. I couldn’t catch my breath…
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10 thoughts on “Age is just a number….

  1. As far as I can tell, you look better and have a much better life–a great life, in fact–now, so celebrate that.

    When I was twenty-five, I was a single mother with a newborn baby, struggling financially. Ten years later, I was paid a six-figure advance for my first three books.

    1. Norma – Except for the wrinkles and gray hairs I think I look better too. I am definitely in better shape than my 25 year old self, and way, way happier. Isn’t it amazing how much of a difference a few years make. We can find ourselves in such different places..as you prove

    1. Brian – I am sorry for the fright.. I know how scary the thought is.. someone I know scared me not too long ago…

    1. Caren – thank you so much! I don’t believe you are 59! You go girl!!! I love your advice for your 25 year old self. Best advice ever and I love how that is your outlook!

  2. I did leave a comment and Tweet over there. I got posts and dates mixed up so a VERY Happy belated Birthday to you, Hilary!!! 🙂 p.s. Lucy, go give your mommy a slurpy kitty (friendship) kiss for me on her cheek for her birthday! 🙂

    1. Mike – THanks so much. I am heading back there next!

      Mike – do I have too? Okay, fine. I will give her a slurpy kitty kiss from you. but only because you are one of my best buds! XOXO Lucy

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