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I don’t know why I always think things will be different. But nothing changes here. My mom is at it again!  Putting me to work….

Come on people!  What the CAT is wrong with this woman?  Doesn’t she know I didn’t sign up for this when I agreed to adopt her? I planned for a life of leisure! I expected my days to be spent lounging in a soft bed watching bird TV.  Instead I have been bullied into being a marketing manager.  And my compensation package is lacking to say the least. I only get 2 cans of fancy feast a day. AND the crazy lady has been portion controlling my  servings of dry food (diet my paw).

But yet she keeps barking out tasks for me to do. It is a good thing she is comfortable to sleep on in the winter because otherwise I would have quit this job a long time ago.  And since I decided to keep her I guess I really don’t have much choice but to help her (although I can still complain!).

So here is my latest assignment. I want to share that her first book, DANGLED CARAT is FREE!!! You heard that right.  It is FREE!  So if you haven’t read it yet, download it and find out if by following her heart, rather than her friends advice my mom was able to convert a commitment-phobic man into a doting husband….

FREE - diamonds

Download HERE

How many faux engagements can one girl have?  

Hilary learns the hard way more than you can imagine. She has no idea what to do. She’s been dating perfect on paper, Marc, for years. He’s everything she wants in a man except for one thing. He’s beyond afraid of commitment! Tired of waiting for Marc to come to his senses, the couple’s friends decide to take matters into their own hands and throw a surprise “engagement” party. Only problem is their meddling has unforeseen consequences…

In this real life chick lit story, Hilary Grossman digs deep as she explores the good, the bad, and the frustrating of dating. Dangled Carat is the perfect light hearted, funny, and relatable story for every girl who wondered if she should love him or dump him. Chick lit readers will be hooked!

Praise for Dangled Carat:

“Fans of Sex and the City – Grossman makes a reference to Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big – will enjoy the story, but its real-girl charm should draw an even wider crowd.” – Kirkus Reviews.

 “Dangled Carat sparkles with humor and shines with wisdom. It is a gem of a book.” – Christina Baker Kline – New York Times & USA Today Best Selling Author of Orphan Train.
“Dangled Carat by Hilary Grossman is one sensational read. Readers everywhere will be pulled in like a moth to a flame. This funny and romantic story will take readers on a journey, a journey deep into the lives of one very interesting couple.” – Readers Favorite

34 thoughts on “Again…..

    1. Janine – my mom says thank you very much! And I am telling her you said to give me an extra can of fancy!!! YUM! XOXO Lucy

    1. Beth Ann – Ugh.. You are on the mommy’s side, huh? Where is Buddy & Holly when I need them???? XOXO Lucy

    1. Summer – I am glad I am not alone. Maybe together we can team up and come up with a plan to get less work and more food! XOXO Lucy

    1. Ellen – thanks, but the lady didn’t give me much choice. She controls the food and I have no thumbs… XOXO Lucy

    1. Kim – I wish I knew… She told me I have one more assignment this week and then I get an official break! XOXO Lucy

    1. Claudia – what is the compensation package… I may be Hilary’s daughter but that doesn’t mean I am not open to explore other options! XOXO Lucy

  1. Sweetheart, mom said she has a can o’ Fancy Feast that is BEEF. Mom knows I don’t ever care for beef at all..but here she comes home with a can o’ beef feast! PULL-EEZE mm! So…may I send it to yoo?


    1. Katie – yes please! What is wrong with our mom’s anyway… How hard is it to keep up with what we like and what we don’t like? My mom has it easy though.. I like everything.. I am a little piggy! XOXO Lucy

    1. Dash Kitten – I made my mom an offer she couldn’t refuse… All’s good in my world now… XOXO Lucy

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