42 thoughts on “A long road ahead….

    1. Marg – I know… pretty wild isn’t it… Everyday it does get a little easier, but is still is an emotional /physical roller coaster…

  1. Even seeing these before and after pictures over and over again don’t lessen the impact they have each and every time. I’m sending you a big ray of sunshine this weekend and hope that regardless of everything going on she will put a big smile on your face!!! (And also give you a big hug from me!)

    1. Susi – I am so excited that your sending me your ray of sunshine… I am sure that she will brighten up this house and my spirits! and she will be coming home with a big hug for you from me! It is so funny, when you guys planned this trip I was worried that the house would be a wreck from the end of construction… now that the trip is a reality, the house is a wreck.. construction didn’t start and the mess / damage is so much bigger than planned… but one thing – we will have good dinners at sweetheart’s favorite place and the house will be cozy (since most of the rooms aren’t livable!)

    1. Maggie Mae & Max – that is so nice of your mom… Staten Island was slammed too – like so many NY / NJ towns.. the damage is so intense. Our insurance adjuster said that Sandy was worse than Katrina due to the number of people affected

    1. Meowmeowmans – we love you guys too…. It is a long road, but we are up for the journey – after all… we have no choice…

  2. Wow. That’s pretty crazy. I’m glad you were guys were able to stay safe after all that. How scary that nature can do that to a place. I wish you and your family all the best in whatever condition you guys are now in. Sending you some virtual hugs. (((HUGS)))

    1. Janice – thanks so much… It is so scary how mother nature can do this…. It is weird… you think of a bad storm and you think the worst is over after the wind and rain stops… but that isn’t the case….Thanks so much for the hugs.. sending you hugs back…

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog, and mentioning cranberry juice and fizzy water. I hadn’t tried it for ages and really like it now so will be saving a few calories drinking more of that and less of the orange juice and fizzy water!

    1. Kim – it is so sad… and you are right… without seeing the photos it is hard to imagine the devastation… and seeing it in real life is so much harder… did you see the video I posted that my nephew took 6 days after the storm in Rockaway…it is unbelievable…

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