Alex – the tailless wonder in ACTION!

Alex – the tailless wonder in ACTION!

As Alex’s friend’s Trouble, Madness and Squish call him here is, “the tailless wonder” in action the day we brought him home after he had his stiches removed….


Alex is continuing to heal up, and is doing well. Unfortunately, he continues to lick at his paw where his IV was, which was irritated before the surgery. If he doesn’t stop by next week, we will have to cone him again….


It is amazing to watch him. He has no idea that he is missing a tail. We watch him in awe as he goes to all his favorite spots and maneuvers his stump the same way he used to wiggle his tail….



48 thoughts on “Alex – the tailless wonder in ACTION!

  1. Alex, you really look great. Who cares if you don;t have a tail. You look very happy and all well. We sure hope the cone doesn’t have to go back on. Thanks for the video. Great stuff. Have a great week end.

    1. marg, Alex says “he is too sexy for a tail”. I don’t know why, but I think he looks even cutier without it…. We had to cone him yesterday as he was not leaving his paw alone. Fortunately, our cousin, the vet, is staying at the house for a few days and is keeping an eye on him…..Have a great weekend too!

  2. Awwwwww Alex!! Awwwww!! Isn’t he just beautiful?? Awwww he’s got such a handsome face!! I loved it when his meow went up tenfold when dad said “would you like to eat?” LOL!! Awww what a cutie!! Me and Charlie have everything crossed that he stops licking his paw, bless! Take care x

    1. Old Kitty – he is such a little cutie… And he is VERY vocal…. He usually always responds when we call his name. He didn’t stop licking his paw, so we coned him yesterday….

  3. Aw Alex….won’t your humans leave you alone?? All you want to do is be your adorable self and they keep following you around with that camera wanting you to perform!! It is just because all of your adoring fans want to see you! Thanks, Hilary and Marc, for the video. Made me smile!!! He looks awesome!

    1. Beth Ann – Can you PLEASE have a word or two with my mom? You are right… She doesn’t leave me alone. Everytime I turn around she has her phone pointed at me to take a picture or a video… UGH. She doesn’t realize a man doesn’t always want to be on…. But, then again, she told me how much everyone cared about me when I was sick, so I guess I am OK with her sharing pictures of me… Actually, I really like that she does. I just want a break. She can be SO annoying. XOXO Alex

    1. Madness Trouble & Squish – I know.. I love that little stump (I am forever kissing it…) We did have to cone him yesterday. He just wouldn’t leave his paw alone… I may have to borrow “coned crusader” I like it better than what I have been calling him “conan mc conehead”. Alex is a very sweet, cute boy. His only problem is he is a neat freak, and hense why he is licking himself silly!

  4. Awww Alex
    You are such a sweetie. My sister Gracie will do the same thing that you do when her name is called. She always answers back.
    Know what? I think you look absolutely stunning with no tail. Of course I am a bit biased because I am a tailness cat myself. I am so happy that things are going so much better for you, but I do hope you don’t have to be coned again.

    Abby purrs

    1. Abby – thanks! My mom keeps telling me the same thing. It is funny, she was the biggest fan of my tail, and now she thinks I am cutier without it… I keep telling her “I am too sexy for a tail”…..My stupid parents coned me yesterday. They kept telling me that I had to leave my paw alone. UGH! they are sooooo annoying… XOXO Alex

  5. Wooo hoooo… looking good Alex. So glad you’re doing so well… As you said in a previous post… tails are over-rated. You’re gonna do just great without that ol bothersome thing. I’m just thrilled to see you in that video…. Super Duper!!!

    pawhugs to all, Max

    1. Max – I know… Tails are overrated… my mom thinks I look cutier without it, and i have to agree. And besides, it is easier – less to clean! Pawhugs back XOXO – Alex

  6. OMC that was just soooo cute!!!! Look at that guy! You know what? I think his “taillessness” (dontcha just love that word? lol) gives him added character!

    Look at how vocal he is! I think he looks adorable without his tail, it is strange but I don’t even notice that it isn’t there.

    I love seeing him in his environment and hearing you and Marc was just too cute! The doting mommy and daddy!

    1. Caren, good word! I like it – in his taillessness glory….. He is a very vocal little guy. He always reacts to his name… I don’t think he misses his tail either… It is funny, he had one of the longest tails I have ever seen…. It was one of his best features. Strangely, I love his little stump so much more….

    1. Lee County – I agree, wrapping his arm would be easier, but unfortunately, Alex doesn’t cooperate with band-aids. we had to cone him yesterday, and i honestly think it bothers us more than him…

    1. Hannah & Lucy – thanks… I think Alex is a brave mancat too….and I also think that is little stump is the cutest…. He is a very good sport, especially now when we had to put the cone back on him….

  7. Like other posters said, he looks great even without a tail! And like any cat, he’s still strutting his stuff like nothing ever happened. That’s awesome!! Go Alex!!

  8. Hi…didn’t get to play Friday’s Fill In, but wanted you to know I am thinking about you guys & little Alex.
    You guys are always in our thoughts & prayers.
    We had Django, a Birman cat we rescued, who had lost his tail. He lived to be over 20!
    Alex is a brave little trooper, with lots of love and support. He’s in good hands & great hearts.
    Hugs…xxoo…McGuffyAnn & Bill, and Maggie P., Grizelda & Chloe

    1. Ann, thank you so much…. Alex, Marc and I really appreciated it…. That is amazing about Django…. he is Alex’s new inspiration….. Alex is really a good sport, and a trouper…. we did have to cone him on Saturday. He is not to happy about it, but he is hanging in there. He was lucky to have had his uncle the vet in from out of town this weekend to give him a proper inspection…. Hugs to you all….

  9. alex, you’s doin’ pretty darn good fur an “involuntary manx”!! we’s furry glad you are adaptin’ so well, an’ we purr an’ purrray fur yer continued success. how’s yer chin/mouth irrytashuns? an’ you otta keep yer face offa yer arm, or you’l haff a lampshade on yer head but no table to dance on!!

    *headbonks* from alla the meowers!

    1. Meowers from Missouri… Thanks, my mom thinks I am pretty darn cute, but it means way more coming from you guys…I don’t trust her taste…. Besides, I am NOT speaking to her now. She put the lampshade on my head. And you are right, it sure isn’t a party. She keeps telling me not to lick my paw or rub my face, but, do I listen? Headbonks back at ya… Alex

  10. Mom Hilary, this is Sabrina, Sam and Simon’s Momma Jan!

    It was SOOO wonderful seeing Alex stroll around like nothing has happened to him! And I love the comment that the Meowers from Missouri left, they always have such cute comments!

    Give Alex a kiss from all of us!

    1. Jan… HI! Thanks so much… Alex really has been a trouper and a good sport. I still can’t believe how quickly he adapted to being tail free… He is an amazing guy… The Meowers cracked me up too…. Love them! I will give alex a big kiss from all of you, and please give your bunch kisses from us!

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