Feeling Beachie

Feeling Beachie

Good times happen on the tides….


With a blog name and Twitter handle of Feeling Beachie, I think it is pretty clear I’m a huge beach lover. I’ve been incredibly fortunate. I have spent over ten years of my life living on the beach. And while I may have moved away from the shore, home to me will always be that strip of sand by the Atlantic Ocean.

I tried very hard to never take my beautiful surroundings for granted. I would wake up in the morning; take a deep breath of the fresh salty air to help me jump-start the day. I’d stare at the ocean when I was stressed. I’d even walk along the shoreline as the snow fell during the cold Long Island winters. But my favorite thing to do was to sit in a comfy chair and read by the water.

Clearly, I am not alone!

There is an entire Facebook group dedicated to authors and readers who love reading by the water.

Check out the group and join!

Twenty-three of the authors have joined forces to help spread some holiday cheer this season! Each day, they are posting a blog for added chances to win. The grand prize is $150 Amazon gift card. Also, there is a chance to win a book by commenting on each blog post. Make sure to check out the posts before mine (by Jenn J MCleod) and after (by Sasha Cottman) – and the winner of the ebook on my blog is Lori Raines

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To enter – comment where you enjoy reading the most.

Happy Holidays!

51 thoughts on “Feeling Beachie

  1. Lovely post Hilary. It seems that all our blogs share a common love of the beach. Your beach on Long Island sounds like a delightful place, even if I can’t get my head around the idea of walking along a beach in a snowfall! To someone who has never seen snow falling, and can’t decide if I could stand that much cold anyway, it seems really incredible.
    Have a very happy Christmas.

    1. Shirley – I hate the cold too, and the only time you’ll ever find me voluntarily walking around outside in the winter is when it snows. It is just too beautiful

  2. I’ve always found the ocean to be soothing to my mind. So many worries and distractions go when I am walking along a sandy beach.

  3. Although I would love to read on a beautiful any day. I don’t live near one So, I enjoy reading wherever, and whenever, the opportunity presents itself.

  4. Ok, so what is it about the waves rolling in, the breeze lightly blowing your hair, the salty smell? It so mesmerizing and relaxing. I could watch the waves come in for hours.
    I don’t live near a beach anymore, but I can still remember and cherish those times, except for the sunburn when I would lose track of time.

    1. Nancy – I’m with you… The only time I can fully relax and do nothing is when I am standing (or sitting) in front of the rolling waves…

  5. i can read almost anywhere! but my favorite is to curl up on my porch with a tall cold drink and the fan blowing on me. of course, now it’s winter in New England, so it’s my living room couch that gets me instead!

    1. Debbie _ I love reading in the tub too… Problem is I get caught up in my book and end up soaking way too long..

  6. No where close to a beach here in Madison, Indiana, USA. We do have a little creek that runs along our property. My favorite place to read is my easy chair in the living room. Although I carry my kindle with me for doctors appointments and things, so I always have reading things with me. We might get a little snow on Christmas day but had about 2 inches of rain last night. Happy Holidays to all.

    1. Nancy – In NY we had a ton of rain yesterday too…. I wish it was snow…. I’m like you, I always have my kindle with me just in case I can squeeze in some reading time

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