40 books for $0.99

40 books for $0.99

I’ve spent the past nineteen years of my working in the corporate world. Did you know I recently switched jobs and now I am a government gal? Well, that’s a post for another day… But know one thing, I am much happier now!

While I loved a lot about my corporate gig, I hated the cutthroat environment that came with the territory. I much prefer the creative space. I’ve said it so often, but it needs to be said again. I adore how authors ban together and are always ready, willing, and able to help each other out. I’m fortunate. Thanks to my books, I have made so many amazing friends, including Tracy Krimmer. Today’s her 4oth birthday. And to celebrate her big day, 40 authors have joined forces to discount our best selling books to $0.99 each! So get ready to fill up your eReaders for the beach and pool!

And here are the books – all only $0.99. I’ve read a bunch and they all are terrific! (click on the books for details)

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